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S+C+A+R+R - The Rest Of My Days (Official Music Video)

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"The Rest Of My Days" available here : Follow me : Live in Paris at La Gaité Lyrique, November 20th : Directed by JACK ANTOINE CHARLOT Production executive : PASSION PARIS PRODUCTION Music and Lyrics by S + C + A + R + R Recorded Produced and Mixed by DAN LEVY at THE WATCHTOWER STUDIO - Madville Choreographer NICOLAS HUCHARD Assistant Choreographer YORINA BOSCO DOP and VFX Supervisor MEHDI ALAVI Cameraman and Stuntman PAUL LAVAU Team Manager JULIE BELLEMARE Fitness Trainer HADRIEN FARRE Acting Coach AXEL DIGOIX VFX Artist CLEMENTINE CHOPLAIN Stylist MAXIME GRANGER Osteopath PHILLIPE...
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