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The Studs - Alien (Official Music Video)

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A (mostly) shot for shot remake of the iconic chestburster scene. FACEBOOK: SPOTIFY: WEBSITE: Concept by Zach Dunleavy Directed/Shot/Cut by James Medley Produced by Clustercuss Entertainment Executive Produced by Jon Knor First Assistant Director: Kim Saltin Second AD: Justin Gainer Set Design by Teage Ellington Stunt Coordinator/Puppeteer: Justin Toboggan Makeup by T. Ellington and Amanda Bonomo Key Grip/Best Boy: Nate Monjarro Costume Consultant: Lu Parisi Construction by Knor Bros. Incorporated Assistant Editor: Patrick Hurley Special Thanks To: Beth Ruff, Ridley Scott, The Knor Family, Jim Gainer, John Hurt, Dan O'Bannon, Amelia Cyze, H.R.'s Giger and Pufnstuf, Matt...
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