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American Bandstand 1968 -Top 10 - Young Girl, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

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Airdate: April 27, 1968 Gary Puckett (and The Wrecking Crew) has his 2nd hit in a row as “Young Girl” is at #3 today after spending the last 3 weeks at its peak of #2. For those who think this song might be difficult to dance to, the #1 song on Bandstand last week and for the next 2 weeks will be Bobby Goldsboro’s “Honey”. How do you dance to that?! Dancing today: Deedee Del Campos (2:51), Roni Menacker (3:05), Famous Hooks (3:21), Jim Lyle (3:26), and Steve Trevit on the far-left riser. Based on all of the “shenanigans” going...
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