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Skippin' Class Promo by Lil David Ruffin

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Official Promotional Video of, "Skippin' Class" by Lil David Ruffin and produced by DubMuzik & LaidBackz. "Skippin' Class" is the 12th song on the mixtape, "No Parachute" by DubMuzik. Shot & Directed by C Nyce (@shotbycnyce) Cast @rayybands @willib_jr_ @mrstaytuned313 & @shotbycnyce cousin, Delano The single, "Skippin Class" is a reminder of the good ole days of being in school and trying to be grown at the same time. You find different things about yourself; your peers; whose trustworthy; loyal; a leader and who's a follower. Follow Lil David Ruffin: Follow DubMuzik: Follow LaidBackz:
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