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Shundori Komola (সুন্দরী কমলা) | Villain | Ankush | Mimi | Baba | Armaan | Antara | Subho JAM8 | SVF

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"Villain" is here with the Durga Puja celebratory number! Presenting "Shundori Komola" featuring Ankush and Mimi. What's festival without song, dance and a little bit of romance? Check out this festive number composed by JAM8 in its full vibrant vibes, exclusively by SVF! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Song Credits : Song : Shundori Komola Music : Subhadeep Mitra For JAM8 Lyrics : Sanjeev Tiwari Singers : Antara Mitra and Armaan Malik Sound Designer, Production and Programmer : Subhadeep Mitra Musicians : Dholaks & Tablas : Ishteyak Khan & Mustak Khan Dhaak : Prasenjit Sil Electric and Acoustic Guitar : Krishna Pradhan Dotara, Mandolin...
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