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A$AP MOB vs PRO ERA GTA 3v3 (GTA Online Live Stream)

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In honor and celebration of A$AP Twelvyy’s brand new debut album: 12 (on iTunes now) – 12vy has recruited fellow A$AP MOB members A$AP TyY and A$AP Ant and has challenged PRO ERA’s CJ Fly, Nyck Caution & Kirk Knight to a GTA 3v3. Playing live from Rockstar NYC doing a variety of GTA Online shooting (Resurrection, Juggernaut, Collection Time) and driving/racing modes (Special Vehicle & Stunt Races, Overtime Shootout) – let’s see which of these 2 renowned NYC cliques will emerge victorious. Get A$AP Twelvyy’s debut album 12 on iTunes at: Get Nyck Caution & Kirk Knight’s Nyck...
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