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N.A.N.A. X The Boy - HUSH HAX (prod.TheBoy)

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N.A.N.A. X The Boy - HUSH HAX Mixtape NEVERLOSE Produção - The Boy Mixagem - Rodrigo Locaut Faixa 5 do mixtape NEVERLOSE dos 3 integrantes da recayd mob N.A.N.A. e The Boy Recayd Mob 2017 Em breve no spotify Social Media Websites Perfil do instagram da dupla @nana.society Instagrem e twitter @nanaapanyin @nanakakraa The Boy @lachefboy LETRA Refrão X2 N.A.N.A.(Panyin) Hush, Hush boy you talk too fucking much Hax, Hax blow my weed then just stunt Verso 1 Came in the game cos shit was boring i jus wanna make it worth it want em greens and all em bands...
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