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FALLOUT: THE WANDERER: Part 1: A Ranger Walks Into A Bar [Live-Action]

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Part one of a three-part mini-series set years before the live-action series, Fallout: Nuka Break, and the digital short, Red Star. This origin story follows the not-so-NCR Ranger and his first encounter with the deadly Scorpion and his gang. Executive Producer: BRET RUDNICK Executive Producer: NICK SHEETS Executive Producer: AMER RAHMANI Directed by VINCENT TALENTI Written by KEVIN BROOKS Story by KEVIN BROOKS, VINCENT TALENTI, and RANDY SCHNETZ Produced by NICK SHEETS and VINCENT TALENTI Director of Photography: DREW SUPPA James Eldridge/The Ranger: ALASTAIR JAMES MURDEN The Scorpion: RYAN MARSICO Eve: KIMMY SARACINO Dash: RYAN HELLQUIST Joey: KEVIN BROOKS Stix:...
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