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Logan Paul is, like, totally terrible at falling in love with Alexandra Daddario

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While trying to impress The Rock so that he could earn a spot on the Baywatch team, Logan Paul falls head over heals for Alexandra Daddario and fights to gain her love #BeBaywatch. SUBSCRIBE for more!: CAST Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - Himself Logan Paul - Himself Alexandra Daddario - herself Mo Darwiche - Crafty McCraftface STUNTS Stunt Coordinator: Steven Brown Stunt Performers: Steven Brown, Shane Yan, Yoshi Sudarso, Bryan Marsh CREW DIRECTOR: Scott Brown PRODUCER: Mo Darwiche, Erin Lardy EDITOR: Ryan Moody DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Luke Dejoras PROD. MANAGER: Troy Guthrie PROD. CORDINTOR - Alex Nelson CAMERA OPERATOR:...
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