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Classical Musicians React: INFINITE 'The Chaser' vs 'The Eye'

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For the 32nd video of this series, classical music majors react to INFINITE’s ‘The Chaser’ and ‘The Eye’ MVs! FOLLOW MY TWITTER FOR UPDATES & SNEAK PEEKS OF FUTURE REACTIONS: @_emcha_ The INFINITE MVs Be Mine, Last Romeo and Destiny are still on the to-react list! ***PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS LINK TO THE LIST OF THE MVs THAT WILL BE REACTED TO IN THIS SERIES BEFORE REQUESTING: UPDATED!!!! Reaction video release dates: ***3/23 BLACKPINK (Playing With Fire & Stay)*** 3/27 AKMU (Play Ugly) 3/30 Taeyeon (I Got Love & I) 4/3 K.will Please don't... 4/6 Dreamcatcher (Chase Me) 4/10...
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